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Andrew Engelhardt (M.Arch) is a recent graduate of the Michael Graves College and an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a Chicago-based designer with a background in art and film, an interest in architectural design and critique, and a curiosity for academic writing and teaching.


With years of experience as an architectural designer/technician and art gallery host, his work culminates in artistic expressions with technical detail that often provide societal critique.


Documenting an endless and ephemeral array of media, ARCHITECTURE AS MEDIA gathers pieces of media and arranges them to reveal the weak attachments these images and texts have to a constructed narrative. We seamlessly consume these narratives and unknowingly use them as walls for building our own perception of reality. Whether these pieces were intentional or unintentional, media is not to be treated as a responsive medium. Instead, media must be understood as a method of designing human behavior and deconstructing our built environment.


Architecture as Media_04.23.2021_Page_17

This [in-progress] document observes the practice of architectural site analysis and data collection. Six categories of research are identified to reveal the complex multidisciplinary approach required by contemporary architects to create healthy, equitable design.

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