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Early Depictions of Suburbia is an exhibition of the suburban home I curated to include real art and fake art. It appeared in The Museum of [JUNKSPACE] from April 1st until July 31st. The Museum of [JUNKSPACE] is an infinite plane; an endless array of steel columns supporting something overhead. It is an additive space. Exhibits are built but never demolished. Furniture is placed but never removed.


The Museum of [JUNKSPACE] takes great pride in always expanding its collections. The Museum of [JUNKSPACE] is proud to always have more. The Museum of [JUNKSPACE] needs more.

"It’s difficult to determine when you enter this exhibition. It’s difficult to determine when you enter the Museum of [JUNKSPACE], and you will find it very difficult to get out."

                            THE DIRECTOR OF THE MUSEUM OF [JUNKSPACE]

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