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This booklet was completed by the students of a history/theory seminar observing culture and architecture.


Divided into groups, all students were responsible for writing a section of text and having a role in the overall design. My partner and I designed the template and completed the final section, Building Culture. My writing appears in the introduction and conclusion but I recommend reading the section titled

Integrating Modern Technology with Regional Tradition, written solely by me.

"Through the following pages, students from the School of Public Architecture graduate program at the Michael Graves College express their perspectives and cultural project research explored at various scales and sites across the world. The course, structured as a history/ theory seminar, offers students an opportunity to explore, frame, discuss, and critique multiple approaches to historic and contemporary cultural sites, narratives, and forms of various regions as a precursor to the cultural center as a design brief. Students were challenged to bring forward cultural conversations between projects, allowing students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of global cultural projects and sharpen their analytical and writing skills.”

                                                     FOREWARD BY CAMILLE SHERROD

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